Life Science Business actively pursues patents in key markets and countries.

An overview of some of our Patents:

  1. Dutch Bionic Neurodegenerative Filter Technology (e.g. for Parkinson’s Disease).
  2. Neurodegenerative Pain Filter System (e.g. for Neuropathic Pain)
  3. Bionic Technology for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).
  4. Nano electrodes to register and filter disturbed signal transfer between brains, nerves and muscles.
  5. Bionic Adjustable gastric band.
  6. Prevention and counteraction of thrombosis risk.
  7. Prone-Supine Positioning system.
  8. D.H.T. Communication system

EU office:

LSB MedTech B.V.
Ceresstraat 13
4811 CA Breda
The Netherlands

Contact information:

The UAE office:

LSB MedTech 
P.o.Box 122022