LSB ICU Fighter 2 with Smart Textile fabric

Prone-Supine Positioning system for ICU (COVID-19) patients, the world’s first patented system to relieve the ICU staff of the Prone & Supine positioning of COVID-19 patients.

Our engineers designed and developed different models with Smart Textile fabric. The Dutch ICU Fighter consists of two turning systems with multiple electrically operated (Smart textile fabric) systems on either side of the bed.

Various scientific studies have shown that (COVID-19) patients with life-threatening inflammation in the lungs, such as in ARDS, have a better chance of survival by being ventilated in the prone position. The bloodstream in the lungs and therefore also the oxygen exchange improves in this position. This allows the alveoli and lung vessels on the dorsal side to open up again and to absorb oxygen more easily.

“Until now the (COVID-19) patients are manually turned several times a day. As an orthopedic surgeon I know this is very complicated, time consuming and physically demanding and must be carried out by 5 to 6 healthcare professionals according to a strict protocol. In the current crisis situation, this action is a major dilemma for the IC departments,” says Dr. Ajay Seth (CSO of Life Science Business).

By using the Dutch ICU Fighter, patients can be turned within 5 minutes with the help of only 2 healthcare professionals. Deploying this system ensures that hospitals save time, fewer staff is necessary and less healthcare costs. In addition, it ensures that less physical effort is required from the hospital staff.

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