Blocking Parkinson’s Tremors Without

Brain Surgery!

The Netherlands, April 24, 2023, Our Dutch and American researchers have invented the PZF System with Dual Nerve Cuffs. The PZF is a revolutionary Bio-electronic Neurodegenerative Signal-Filter System (patented).

“The PZF System with Dual Nerve Cuffs is the next generation of DNF. The PZF System with Dual Nerve Cuffs is a system that offers the possibility to filter and block the involuntary signals, which are sent from the brain to the muscles and vice versa through the peripheral nervous system”, says Omidvar (CEO LSB MedTech).

PZF system with Dual Nerve Cuffs is not a DBS neurostimulator and doesn’t send electrical signals to the brain. The PZF system is a signal-filtering-system that filters and blocks the involuntary signals directly through the peripheral nervous system, while allowing the passage of normal voluntary signals for muscle movement.

The Dual Nerve cuffs and the innovative electrodes of the PZF system are implanted on and inside the peripheral nervous system and not into the brain. Thanks to the PZF Dual Nerve Cuffs and innovative Electrodes, the PZF system can recognize, trace, locate, record, filter and block involuntary signals through the peripheral nervous system.

Dual Nerve Cuffs and PZF Electrodes

The Dual Nerve Cuffs have innovative closure mechanisms and can reject noise from extra neural sources and distinguish signals from different nerve fibers. They are designed based on among others Material Properties, Biocompatibility and Effectiveness.

Tremors Big-Data

PZF system records tremors and involuntary signals 24 hours/365 days a year. This creates a global database for science and treatment improvement.

Added value of the PZF system with Dual Nerve Cuffs:

  • No brain surgery
  • Less radical and burdensome
  • Surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis
  • Fewer risks
  • Reduce Parkinson’s medication
  • Less healthcare costs

 PZF with Dual Cuffs may help the patient regains control again!

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