FlipProne XL with usual hospitalbed sheet or with Smart Textile (patented)

Prone-Supine Positioning system, the world’s first patented system, available with special fabric or with Smart Textile to relieve hospital staff of Prone & Supine positioning of patients.

FlipProne XL has different versions:

1) Basic version for standard turning the patient
2) Plus version with Smart Fabrics with Face Support XL.
3) Exclusive version with App and Smart Fabrics and Face Support XL for Prone & Supine Therapy

Our engineers designed and developed different models FlipProne XL (ICU Fighter). The patient can be turned horizontally via the handwheel or turning motor. By using FlipProne XL, patients can be turned within 5 minutes with the help of only 2 healthcare professionals. Deploying this system ensures that hospitals save time, fewer staff is necessary and less healthcare costs. In addition, it ensures that less physical effort is required from the hospital staff.

Various scientific studies have shown that patients with life-threatening inflammation in the lungs, such as in ARDS, have a better chance of survival by being ventilated in the prone position. The bloodstream in the lungs and therefore also the oxygen exchange improves in this position. This allows the alveoli and lung vessels on the dorsal side to open up again and to absorb oxygen more easily.

App FlipProne XL
The FlipProne XL App makes the use and application of the FlipProne XL system even easier for the healthcare professionals of hospitals, nursing homes and disabled care organizations. Thanks to this new App, FlipProne XL is not just a patient turning system but a total Prone & Supine therapy system.
Prone & Supine Therapy is to meet the growing need for a safer and easier alternative to the labor-intensive manual repositioning of these patients in their hospital bed or home care bed. The FlipProne XL provides in combination with the FlipProne XL App different therapy approaches: Prone and Supine Positioning and Prone and Supine Positioning with continuous lateral rotation.


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