App FlipProne XL

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The FlipProne XL App is developed by LSB Medtech to make the use and application of the FlipProne XL system even easier for the healthcare professionals of hospitals, nursing homes and disabled care organizations. Thanks to this new App, FlipProne XL is not just a patient turning system but a total Prone & Supine therapy system.
The communication between the app, smart sheets and the device ensures that patients can be placed in any position IN THEIR OWN BED. The textile of the smart sheet has undergone several clinical tests and scientific studies.
Prone & Supine Therapy is to meet the growing need for a safer and easier alternative to the labor-intensive manual repositioning of these patients in their hospital bed or home care bed. The FlipProne XL provides in combination with the FlipProne XL App different therapy approaches: Prone and Supine Positioning and Prone and Supine Positioning with continuous lateral rotation.

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