PZF System with Dual Nerve Cuffs (Patented)

Blocking parkinson’s tremors through the peripheral nervous system!

PZF system with Dual Nerve Cuffs is not a DBS neurostimulator and doesn’t send electrical signals to the brain. The PZF system is a signal-filtering-system.

Parkinson is a progressive neurodegenerative disease, characterized by unvoluntary signals between the brain and the muscles, which causes problems with controlling and making the movements of the muscles manageable.

The peripheral nervous system is the routing system of the body. Voluntary and involuntary signals are carried from and to the brain via the peripheral nervous system. 80% of the Parkinson’s patients experience many motor complaints, such as uncontrollable muscle movements of the arms and hands and general movement poverty. Due to this, these patients experience a daily burden leading to a considerably loss of quality of life.

The PZF System with Dual Nerve Cuffs is the first and only system that offers the possibility to filter and block the involuntary signals, which are sent from the brain to the muscles and vice versa, while allowing the passage of normal voluntary signals for muscle movement. The difference between the Deep Brain Stimulation and PZF System with Dual Nerve Cuffs is that Deep Brain Stimulation is focusing on stimulation of the brain signals, whereas the PZF System with Dual Nerve Cuffs technology does not stimulate the brain signals but is filtering and blocking the involuntary signals through the peripheral nervous system. Instead of implanting the electrodes into the brain, the Dual Nerve cuffs and the innovative electrodes of the PZF system are implanted directly on and inside the peripheral nervous system.

PZF system focuses on various syndromes where symptoms such as tremors, akinesia, essential tremor, rigidity, hypokinesia, tic and ataxia.

Advantages of PZF System:

  • No brain surgery
  • Less radical and burdensome
  • Surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis
  • Fewer risks
  • Reduce Parkinson’s medication
  • Less surgery & healthcare costs

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