CRO Laboratory Division:

Untill July 2022 LSB MedTech Ltd (Life Science Business Ltd) also offered Clinical Trial CRO services to the pharmaceutical companies and the medical device industry. As of July 2022, our CRO Laboratory activities have been taken over.

Clinical (Intervention) Studies:

Clinical (intervention) studies are controlled research studies testing the health benefit(s) of a new or improved product in human volunteers. Each study starts with its own research questions, which are explained in a study protocol. This protocol describes in detail how the study will be performed and why it is necessary to do it that way. The protocol also describes how the study group is defined, for example based on age, gender, or health status.

Project Management:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • a study protocol
  • contracts (also legal aspects)
  • grant proposals
  • Budget management
  • Medical Ethics Committee (MEC) approval
  • In-house execution of projects and supervision

    Routine laboratory (according to GLP guidelines):

    • Commercial biomarkers are tested in a routine laboratory, in compliance with GLP quality standards to ensure the quality and integrity of the generated data.

      Data Management:

      • Perform data-entry according to GCP/GLP guidelines
      • Perform advanced statistics using the latest version of SPSS software package
      • Write interim and final study reports
      • Give poster or oral presentations for clients or on scientific meetings

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        The UAE office:

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