Passion for Medical Innovation!

We invent, create, develop, design and produce innovative medical devices. We also provide innovation consultancy services related to patient care solutions for nursing homes and hospitals to improve the quality of life of patients. Our inventions and products are marketed by our (licensing) partners under their own brand.
We are a medical innovation technology company in the field of telecommunication system, vascular elasticity monitoring system, neuroscience technology, bionic hand, smart fabrics, Prone & Supine System, PoC tests and analyzer for IVD testing. Together with healthcare professionals, we are driven to bring healthcare quality to the next level. Our team members are dedicated biomedical engineers, medical scientists and innovation consultants  with impressive track records.

Blocking Parkinson’s Tremors Without Brain Surgery!
The PZF is the first and only system that offers the possibility to filter and block the involuntary brain signals through the peripheral nervous system. The Dual Nerve Cuffs have innovative closure mechanisms and can reject noise from extra neural sources and distinguish signals from different nerve fibers. PZF Dual Nerve Cuffs and PZF Electrodes are designed based on among others Material Properties, Biocompatibility and Effectiveness. PZF system with Dual Nerve Cuffs is NOT a DBS neurostimulator and doesn’t send electrical signals to the brain.

Prone & Supine Therapy System
The FlipProne XL is, thanks to the new App, Face Support XL and Smart Textile, not just a patient turning system but a total Prone & Supine therapy system. The FlipProne XL App makes the use and application of the FlipProne XL system even easier for the healthcare professionals of hospitals, nursing homes and disabled care organizations. Prone & Supine Therapy is to meet the growing need for a safer and easier alternative to the labor-intensive manual repositioning of these patients in their hospital bed or home care bed. The FlipProne XL provides in combination with the FlipProne XL App different therapy approaches.

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